Friday, November 18, 2011

Glowing Cores

We are all held subject by determined nations
And the determination of planners intent
On lashing the flanks and not restraining
The reins of the dark horses of night

They champ and thunder
In anticipation of the silence

You who thread the darkening looms
Who kindle the currents coursing through wires
And charge the air earth and water of our being
Beware the fruits of your projections

The dangerous matters you have gathered
Seethe softly in darkened silos
In hollow vessels plying silent under ocean storms
And glowing cores of hellish boilers

And still you plan for more


  1. I have reposted your work to FB and Google+ because it is important for people to know that Australia is integral to global peace efforts; you need uranium to make a nuclear weapon. Courageous leadership would demand a halt to uranium mining in Australia. The current 'mining boom' Australia is undergoing should be exposed for what it really is; a greedy disregard for land rights, the exploitation of the environment and fuelling the armaments manufacturers.

  2. Thanks Morgan. You and I and many others would like to see a lot more courageous leadership all round not only in the matter of uranium mining in this country but in regard to the hypocrisy that celebrates the passage of a Clean Energy Bill while simultaneously promoting the export of 250,000,000 tons of coal to be burned up elsewhere.

  3. Thank you Vince...this is a sobering time indeed!!
    Regards, Robyn Holtham

  4. This makes my core shudder. Thank you Vincent for bringing awareness to so many, I hope it helps stop the insanity.
    Best wishes, Mary