Monday, September 19, 2011


Hard wind winds soft-leaved branches
To a fury of massed movement

Focussed mind moves armoured arm
With dreadful precision and deadly grace

Learn your cuts so as to warn sharply
Save your thrust and slash for where they count

Vincent Di Stefano
September 2011


  1. Yes... though a thousand may strike at the branches it is the root that requires the mortal blow.
    very poorly paraphrased on my part from the likes of H.D. Thoreau and i am sure others before.

    Love the site

  2. Manjusri,holds in his left hand a lotus flower (a symbol of divine origin) and growing from the center of the lotus is a book of divine knowledge. Manjusri is prepared to bestow this boon of wisdom on those who come prepared to receive it with the right attitude. In his other hand, Manjusri holds a flaming sword. The sword is a weapon that cuts through ignorance. So those that seek wisdom have nothing to fear, but ignorance will be destroyed with the sword. The spreading of wisdom and the destruction of ignorance are two sides of the same coin and I believe this is a fine example of how the boon of Joseph Campbell’s monomyth may take on either a peaceful or confrontational aspect.