Thursday, June 30, 2011

Terra Calda. A Lament for Darkening Times

We have been away for far too long
From the pull of the world
And the day to day
From time of work and time of play

The debt of the day too deep to pay
Has gone too far has been too long
Tell me now which way to turn
Which tune to give to the sacred song

As newer nails of fire and metal
Pierce the armour and spoil the earth
They burn the children before their birth
For want of love for want of worth

In times now past upon the lake
The swan would slow and silent flow
But in this time and in that place
The deathly metal seeps and soaks
To riverbeds and ocean deeps
And mother weeps

     Now time to call this to a halt
     Time to call this to an end
     There is no more that we can spend
     Make your way despoil no more
     Enough of blood and death and war

     And we will make our way in peace
     Find the hearth and till the earth
     Toil to turn the damage round
     Regain again the sacred ground
     Restore anew this broken place
     Through love and song
     Through sweat and grace

                                                                            Vincent Di Stefano
                                                                            June 2011

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