Friday, April 22, 2011

Son of the Sun. A Song of Easter

Golgotha. Vasili Golinski, ca. 1890-1900

Son of the Sun, Son of Man
You show your face again and again
In these days of passion, compassion and pain
These days of fire and storm and shame
To all who would call you by your name.

In forest on sea and in desert dry
You walked and waited and then turned around
Those who heard your story, who saw your glory
Will never lose sight of your many faces
In trance and wonder, in crystalline graces.

Perfect pearl reflects and refracts
In changing hues in reds and blues
The places and faces now fixed in time
Within this sphere of earth sublime
The stories untold, in silver and gold
The present and past, the first and the last.

Now the stone rolled over to close the wound
Of an earth long seeded in grief and blood
Restored in love renewed in light
With a thief to the left and a thief to the right
With blood run thin
With day become night.

To you who once were who are and will be
To you who were emptied of blood and of water
Remember the land and the sky and the sea
And strengthen and comfort the sons and the daughters
Yet to return to our great mother Earth
To restore and renew and to bring to new birth.

Vincent Di Stefano
April 2011

An audio version of Son of the Sun performed with musical accompaniment has also been posted on the Dante's Ghost website. It can be streamed or downloaded as a CD quality mp3 file here.

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