Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Steps

As a reluctant latecomer to cyberspace, I enter the blogosphere with some trepidation and to paraphrase Van Morrison, with no teacher, no guru and no method. Learning by doing has ever been the way. The intention behind Integral Reflections is to project a synthesis of the themes that find expression in the various pages of The Healing Project.

These include the will to healing at personal, social, spiritual and environmental levels, the valuing and explication of textual sources of knowledge from which intellectual and spiritual nourishment can be drawn, the maintenance of a watching brief on the currents that course through these days of escalating tensions and collapsing certainties, and the exploration of poetic consciousness as a transmitter of the deeper dimensions of human experience.

That's the idea anyway. Hopefully this blog will enable a more leisurely, less formal and more interactive engagement than has been possible so far through The Healing Project website.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome Vince, so glad I can follow your thoughts as I search for peace and reason.